Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Do your worst, Irma

I should be out of the reach of Irma.

That said, I will be picking up some sand bags once I sign off. Then hitting the commissary for some non-perishables and wet wipes.

We'll be fine.

An awesome guitar player from Seattle? No, not that one.

This one.

I haven't felt like dribbling the last few days because I find myself angry. Not in that usual smart ass, go fuck yourself way that you all find so charming. Angry in a, I really hope a fucking meteorite the size of Delaware hits the planet and wipes us out kinda way.

I have a friend. Young guy, sometimes a bit idealistic and reckless but, his heart is one of the best I have ever known.

Kid wanted to run to Boston a few weeks ago and counter-protest, protect those who might be singled out by protestors, whatever. Said he'd only fight if he was protecting someone who was attacked.

A few of us were worried he'd be itching for a fight and end up arrested, or worse.

I talked with him. He promised only that he would consider other ways to utilize this energy of his. When he finally got back to me he'd made a few calls, got himself connected with a legit organization working to keep the peace and provide EMS service if needed. Got himself CPR training and decided he was still going into the fire.

He measured the situation, considered his options and their potential consequences and ran towards the fight rather than away from it.

Maybe it wasn't what some of us were hoping he would choose but, I was damn proud of him.

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