Be a man; fix it.

I just realized I haven't showered since Saturday.

I was binging on This Is Us last night. It hits you in the feels. More than that, it is just great story telling. TGB needs to hurry up and catch up so we can resume watching together.

Or not. I will watch that shit without you, Samantha!

And I am not allowed to watch Outlander without her. I will watch TIU without her, dammit.

Not allowed.

We don't do the not allowed thing in Chez Martinez. We're adults who have been through enough without needing permission. In the past she's been not allowed to go on cruises alone and I've been not allowed to have friends.

Fuck that shit.

Except when it comes to Outlander. Because I want to live.

So, correction, I can watch Outlander without her. I can also stay alive. I cannot do both.

I must shower.

Titty sprinkles!


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