We are the ones we have been waiting for

Bunny gang is cranked and I am rubbing the eye boogies from my face.

Stockholm Syndrome is celebrating an anniversary today.

That is information you are going to use one day at a trivia competition at a bar and you'll forget that I helped you with that answer. You're welcome, you fucking ingrate.

I picked up Colin Kaepernick on my fantasy team.

Sorry, I just stopped typing to dance at my desk.

I have never been less interested going into an NFL season.

I auto-drafted my FFL team, you guys. AUTO FUCKING DRAFT!

I think this Chargers break-up is effecting me like, how do I put this?

If TGB ripped out my heart and I decided to actually be done with women. Not turn actually gay but, consider whether or not I could take a dick in my ass and then decide on celibacy.

Whatever the equivalent to that is is how I feel about football now.

I have to go get the guest room ready.

Titty sprinkles!


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