I Missed Jenna for this shit?

Finally got around to watching this week's GoT last night.

Again, you're an adult so if you're going to be butthurt by spoilers, piss off you moron.

I miss the days when the show was based on the books for one reason: it's ability to be shocking. It used to kill off main characters like it was nothing. Now it just keeps dipping them in water while the audience knows, yeah, the show runners aren't killing him.

Maybe next week they'll kill Dany or Cersei but, if they fall into a bathtub we'll know they're safe.

I could watch an entire show about zombie dragons.

After GoT we watched SYTYCD. I used to watch that show because TGB made me.

Now I watch it because I like it. I cheer for Nigel to crush the dancer's dreams.

There was a particular routine last night that left me gutted.

The All-Stars (returning dancers from previous seasons) danced to Strange Fruit.

The song itself is an emotional evisceration. That it was set to dance that made me feel the things I felt was more than a little impressive.

Some of you remember but, some of you won't so here's a little background:

#45's transition team asked Rebecca Ferguson if she would be interested in performing at the inauguration. Ms. Ferguson responded that she would only perform if she could do Strange Fruit.

Strange Fruit was inspired by the lynching of two black men. It became a protest song that was eventually blacklisted.

Ms. Ferguson didn't end up singing at the inauguration. I would never have imagined a guy loved by white supremacists would allow a woman of color to sing that song at his inauguration so, to say it was a surprise would be complete bullshit.

With all of that in mind, I found it painfully ironic that, whilst that song was being played on television, there appeared a scroll at the bottom of the screen notifying us that #45 would be speaking and pre-empting the show.

I know it wasn't anyone's  intention but, it made me angry that a racist president (racist adjacent, racist tolerant, whatever) would be interjected during that song.

It's like the universe was reminding us that we failed.

You elected a man who makes it okay to be a hate monger. First it was a car driven into protestors, next, trees might start bearing strange fruit again. 

We ended up missing 26 minutes of the show because of that fucking blowhard.



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