I have fallen down a rabbit hole

I love Aaron Sorkin. I realized that when I watched Sports Night. It is my absolute favorite show in the history of television. If Sorkin only ever wrote that show, it would be more than enough.

He's written more than Sports Night.

Then #45 got elected and I realized just how much the country needed some good ol' Sorkin perspective.

I'd never watched West Wing. My best friend was constantly telling me I should.

So... I started watching a week or two ago. I finished up season three last night.

A few things...

First, I LOVE a woman named Claudia Jean. Or maybe I have a crush on Allison Janey.

I cry a lot more than I expected.

Not because it is a sad show but, because it pays homage to the most important office in the world.

Which is juxtaposed against the real world and the man currently sitting in that hallowed office.

And sometimes a wave of grief will hit me because I'll realize that the man in the office today has turned it into a disgusting punchline.

A couple of times, in front of the television alone, I will say the words, I miss my country.

I miss having a decent human being in that office.

Titty sprinkles!


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