Friday, August 4, 2017

Aug 4, 2017

The other day I was watching the new Justice League trailer and was not remotely interested until Wonder Woman showed up.

Dear Aaron Sorkin, women eat cheeseburgers, too.

My protege, Noah, suggested we should do a podcast.

I've been pondering the possibilities.

You'll like Noah. He has one of those voices that you hear and think, that dude should be on radio. Probably trying to sell Shamwows or some shit.

I finally came up with an idea I feel pretty passionate about with the 'cast.

Me and Noah. A sort of mini-series podcast. I say mini-series because Noah will be shipping off to boot camp soonish.

Anyway, initially, I want to revolve around Noah and I talking about Noah. There are a lot of parallels in our lives that I think would be really interesting and, frankly, talking about them could help a lot of people.

Shit parental unit, substance abuse, actual abuse, etc. Dealing with it. You know, the good shit.

I want to really get into it. Less as a psychological exercise and more a way of saying, here is this shit that happened to you and it happened to me so, maybe, it happened to lots of people and, maybe, we can help them feel less alone and, maybe, help ourselves in this whole process. 

Okay, maybe it is a psychological exercise of sorts.

Of course, because I am a firm believer that laughter heals, there will be inappropriate jokes.

Anyway, that's my launching point. Where we go from there is entirely up to us.

Titty sprinkles!

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