Monday, August 14, 2017

Aug 14, 2017

I was on a boat for a few days.

I did not miss the real world.

Kept hoping the two needle dick leaders would blow it into bolivian. They did not.

Needle dicked men are mostly bluster and no follow through. We all knew that going in.

I've said it before and I will say it again, all this racist vitriol from the alt right racists fuckheads is on all of you #45 voters.

While you may not all be racist fuckheads, you are okay with racist fuckery because you all saw and heard the same shit the rest of us did and you decided, yep, I am voting for him anyway!

So fuck you.

I was angry yesterday when I got off the boat and caught up on the news of the last few days.

I am still angry but, I have had time to digest this shit and have come to realize a few things.

There will always be apologists for shitty people. Even now I have friends who are whining that taking down monuments to those who fought on the losing side of a war to protect slavery is an erasure of history.

Fuck you, you dumbfuck.

Love is not nearly enough to fight back with. Sometimes we need to get a little Daenerys Taagareyen on a motherfucker and torch someone for not bending the knee so the others learn.

No I am not advocating violence. I am just fucking pissed off at what is happening to my country.

And this still makes me happy:

Dammit you guys, I was so fucking happy on the boat. It was my favorite non-music cruise ever.

We celebrated TGB's five year cancerfreeversary. We got to tour the galley. Twice. We ate more food than should be allowed. We got to stand on the bow when we pulled into Nassau. We ate at the Chef's Table.

We were so happy an insulated from the fuckery.

We learned that if we buy a house in Nassau for $500k or more we get automatic citizenship.

It is tempting.

Fix your shit, America.

Titty sprinkles!

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