Aug 1, 2017

I've been watching a lot of West Wing the last few days.

During this time with #45 I keep thinking, Aaron Sorkin save us, you're the only one who can.

So far he has not gotten the bat signal.

Watching West Wing makes me slip into a sort of depression. I watch an episode or two and lament that a decent POTUS is now a thing of fantasy.

Aren't you all glad I took some time off to depress the hell out of you upon my return?

I didn't take a week off to do anything in particular. I was just sick of it all and this is as close to running away as I could get.

Running away was a lot easier when I was a kid.

When TGB retires I might try to tempt her into moving to a tiny island away from the world and never returning.

No, none of you can come visit.

I should have taken a week (month, year) off from the news.

I'm gonna go watch West Wing and climb under a blanket.


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