Angels hang above my head

A friend of mine is doing a thing. The six of you should go follow her.

I saw something on Facebook that bothered me this morning. I know, you're shocked.

A friend of mine shared a photo of her in a dress.

TGB wears dresses a lot.

I like a woman in a dress. There's something alluring about them.

Anyway, my friend commented that she was looking for an excuse to wear her dress.

I thought, honey, if people have no shame wearing pajama pants in public, you should wear that fucking dress to go check the fucking mail if the spirit moves you.

A woman wants to wear a dress she should wear the fucking dress.

If your woman wants an excuse to wear a dress take her out to a place where she can show that shit off.

Just make sure she doesn't work the on the night you make the reservations.

Maybe read her work schedule that she keeps on the fridge for you, dumbass.

Really, get off your ass off the couch, walk the ten feet and, read the damn schedule before making any reservations.

Titty sprinkles!


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