You don't even have to try

Since I was a child Casey Kasem has implored me to keep reaching for the stars.

Five years ago today I actually grabbed one.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Samantha.

Yesterday I wrote about playing a degrees of separation game with FT. The reality is, it all starts with you.

Without you... there is no Frank Turner.

Vegas would still be a shithole.

Nashville would just be a polished turd I'd never want to visit.

I would never have bothered getting on a boat.

There would be a ball of fluff annoying the wrong people and a smelly girl who wouldn't have found her person.

There would be no London trips, no Boston trips.

There would also be no California City.

Okay, so maybe some things I could have lived without :-P

We were talking the other day and I love that we both reached the same conclusion: this life we have - the last five years - if we died tomorrow we'd die smiling because it's been more than anyone deserves.

I have no intention of dying tomorrow.

I have every intention of tormenting you for another 35 years.

Maybe even 45.

You are the best thing.


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