Thursday, July 13, 2017

This dribble has an assignment

Never apologize for quoting your favorite writer to me.

Unless that writer is James Patterson.

I have a friend. He has a daughter. She's wicked. One of my favorite things is watching him watch her travel the country and race. The pride he displays for his little girl makes me smile like few things.

Here is your assignment: go and vote for Maya Singletary (Hoke County) for NC's Athlete OTY. There's no sign up, no email to be given, just click the link above, scroll to the poll, click her name and, boom - done.

Vote early, vote often.

Onto something serious.

A few days ago there was a plane crash. It got lost in the noise about whatever dumbfuckery #45 and his ilk are up to.

It matters because those are sons and husbands and dads who aren't coming home. They died doing a thing greater than themselves.

It matters because we all know someone who serves and tomorrow that could be your loved ones.

It matters because people who got the call that a plane is missing were men and women in uniform and it was personal for them.

It matters because while the news was giving air time to jokers who would trample our Constitution, we lost some of the very people charged with defending it.

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