Monday, July 17, 2017

Stick 'em with the pointy end

I joined Goodreads because everyone kept telling me, you're a librarian, you should totally join.


I have come to realize that I cannot do book reviews because I either love a book or I toss it aside and never pick it up again. There is no variation, no degrees. There is no, this book is okay.

A book better be fucking awesome or it is complete shit.

This morning on G+ a friend pointed out that the Confederate Battle Flag was not racist. I pointed out that he was indeed correct, it was actually created because the South was too stupid to tell their flag from the US flag.

I have one less friend on G+.

Three words about last night's GoT season premiere: Arya Stark, motherfuckers!

Also, I am going to start watching Dr. Who now.

Seriously, how small does your dick have to be to complain about a woman Dr?

If my math is correct, five years ago today TGB and I were smoking out on our back deck talking about her upcoming surgery and decided, fuck it, let's get married.

We're romantical as fuck.

Yes, I know romantical is not a word.


Titty sprinkles!

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