Friday, July 14, 2017

Never be daunted

I don't want to write this morning.

I feel like the things in my brain are things I've said a thousand times; things you're tired of reading about by now.

Things like, there is a moron running the country and 60 million morons put him there.

I'm going to enjoy watching #45 supporters get what they asked for - loss of: jobs, access to affordable healthcare, a safety net. 

I'm going to hate watching people who were smart enough to not vote for #45 get what fuckface von clownstick supporters asked for. 

Then I remember that I've said things like this before and nobody could possibly give a shit.

Only one person like my FB post about Chelsea Clinton and Claudette Colvin.

I might be reading too much into that, but way more people love and like the stupid fucking memes I post before bed.

That's an indicator of something, I am sure.

I hate working at the libary.

I love the books. The books remind me just why I hate people.

So fucking much James Patterson and Bill O'fuckingreilly.

So little Hemingway.

For every person I introduce to Junot Diaz or Toni Morrison I get a dozen people whining to me that we haven't gotten enough copies of a fucking Bill O'Reilly book about Jesus, or the latest guy-who-always-uses-a-ghost-writer book.

Yesterday we finally received A Farewell to Arms.

A few weeks ago we got The Sun Also Rises.

Still don't have For Whom The Bell Tolls. 

I have been pestering to get all three since I was hired. Last July.

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