Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jazz and my mind wander

You should read A Man Called Ove.

You should go see The Big Sick.

They're both good.

Also, cheer for climate change. It's the best cure for what ails the planet.

But Rudy, climate change will destroy the planet!

No, it will make the planet uninhabitable for humans. The planet will survive. 

You ever get someone a gift that they've always wanted just to realize when it is in your hands that you really want it to? Did you ever decide to keep that gift for yourself and then run out and get them some other crappy thing? No? Me neither.

It's weird the way life is sometimes. I got another call this morning about a death. And I thought, that sucks. 

I also thought about a kid now growing up without a mom and wondered if that isn't actually better for this particular kid because this particular mom wasn't exactly great.

And because I am an unabashed narcissist I thought back to the times I told people my mom was dead. I wondered if it wouldn't have been better for me in the long run if she had, in fact, died while I was a child.

Terrible parents vs. dead parents

Terrible parents can ruin a kid. Make the kid grow up convinced they're shit because obviously, if a parent, the person who created said child, can't love the child he must be shit.

A dead parent can be whatever the child imagines them to be.

Titty sprinkles!

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