Thursday, July 20, 2017

I don't really remember what my point was if I ever had one

There's a thing happening on twitter right now - #allthebeststories

It's a Frank Turner thing. People are sharing stories of the man and his music. That has my brain spinning in a million directions.

I shared one but, I could write an entire post about many more.

It's not a secret that I am a fan of the man's music.

What many may not know is that I am a bigger fan of the man himself.

He's a beautiful flawed fucking mess of a man with a good heart, a razor sharp mind and an ability make anyone he meets feel, for a moment, like they are the center of his universe.

The first time I heard him I thought, not too shabby. The first time I saw him live I thought, okay, this is really good. The first time I saw and heard Photosynthesis live I was done.

Then my wife - who has better taste in all things than I - dragged me to Phoenix to see him.

Ugh, I like him but, do we really have to drive to another state to see him again?

Little did I know that would be the meet cute for one of the most important people in my heart.

Charlie was the first Turnerd I would meet along this journey. She is far from being the last.

The same night we met Charlie we met Senor Turner and Astrophysicist Nigel Powell for the first time.

Frank is really nice. 


We ended up on a cruise because of Frank's music. There were margaritas on a Caribbean island with our favorite English singer. #cabana18

I met an army of Turnerds on that boat. It was beautiful.

I fell in love with the heart of a girl named Amanda. Unbeknownst to Amanda, she had a hand in making me fall in love with the man, Frank.

My wife danced with Ben in elevator that cruise and Matt called me a fucking beautiful man.

TGB and I fell in love with another guy named Ben.

We met a girl named Jody and a boy named John. We fell in love with a boy named Jake and followed around a guy in a blue speedo.

All of those people have a chunk of my heart now. Because of Frank.

The last night of the cruise TGB asked him to sing a Counting Crows song and he did. Suddenly, a friend who just died was right there on the boat with me.

We ended up in Boston with Scott and Deena. No Frank, no Scott and Deena. No Scott and Deena, no Katee.

In fact, I could play that degree of separation game and end up with a much less colorful life if I start it with no Frank...

There was Boston I & II, there was Atlanta I & II and being called dickheads by Frank in a crowd full of Turnerds (lovingly in jest).

There was that 11 year old in GA, or maybe one of the Carolinas. She's a cool kid and I've come to care a great deal for her. And I am cheering for her everyday.

There was that second cruise when Charlie stole, borrowed... a golf cart on a private island.

There's Annie and, Shelby and, Lauren... I fucking love those women.

She's so precious
There's the Wilsons, that kid in a wheelchair...

One of my favorite moments in life
... there was that kid in line for the tender with the tattoo of Frank lyrics over his heart...

So many Amys and Katies that have come to mean so much to me.

There was that time I found myself in the rain in Camden watching people I love drink fizz while I fell in love with new music from a couple of guys I would never have heard of had I not come to London. I was in London for Ben's book about... wait for it... Frank.

There was a cab ride in Boston with a woman named Nicole. That lead to a day out in Nassau and a special place in our hearts.

There was a couple in one of the Carolinas who had no idea there was even a cruise who ended up missing the first day of cruise two and meeting us in Nassau. I love them both.

There's my friend Todd. I wish I'd met him when I lived down the road from him.

Don't think I've forgotten you, Colleen.

Maybe these aren't so much stories. But the people I have met along the way because of Frank each make my life richer.

There are a lot of people I haven't mentioned. A bald Englishman with a cat and gorgeous wife. An actress I owe pages. A big photographer and his clan in St. Louis. Alabamians, Canadians, Scandanavians...

Fuck me, my life is so much richer because some English kid decided to pick up a guitar some time ago and then my wife decided we had to go see him in LA.

I need coffee. And tissue.

Titty sprinkles!

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