Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy blowie uppie Day from Redneckistan

Here the fireworks begin in June and end sometime in September.

God bless the yeehaw states.

I don't feel patriotic today.

That's not right.

I love my country, I just happen to be extremely embarrassed by it right now.

People will be flying flags and getting emotional when some song plays that was edited to leave out the bits about slaves.

Meanwhile our Constitution is being used to wipe #45's ass and the same dipshits who were so outraged at a football player not standing for a fucking song are silent about it.

The flag, the song, those are just symbols. Nothing more. Don't stand for them and the idiots with get butthurt.

But if you fight for the Constitution (ACLU I'm looking at you) you get derided as a liberal, a pussy, not a true American.


Whatever, I'm gonna go get on a boat.

Titty sprinkles!

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