Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tax the...

Every time I hear People Everyday I hear Beans On Toast singing it.

Bimini covers are a brilliant thing. I feel about 40% less run down at the end of the day under one as opposed to without one.

That's a boat thing.

Watched a barely grown man scream when he caught a fish yesterday.

I have two dogs. Every morning they come out of their kennels excited to run downstairs, past me. I meander down behind them and they greet me like I just got home. Dogs are not smart.

And yes, my dogs sleep in kennels in their own room. No, I will not share my fucking bed with them. Along with being dumb, they're assholes who hog the bed. Also, the girl dog farts in her sleep. A lot.

So our Supreme Court decided our tax dollars can fund church related shit.


Tax the fucking church.

I keep getting sidetracked by doggo, articles about Chaplin, and music.

So go do whatever it is you do and remember that I like you.

You're cool. Really.

Titty sprinkles!

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