Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I wish I'd said

Yesterday during a training course we were asked what we would do if we saw someone who seems female walking into the men's room.

No one answered so I said, nothing.

Nothing? What if a customer came to you and told you it made them uncomfortable?

I bit my tongue on what I was thinking and rambled about not really concerning myself with what the guy in the next stall is doing when I go to the bathroom.

I wish I had said what I was thinking.

I wish I'd said, I was ask them how they know. How do you KNOW what gender the person who just walked into the men's room happens to be? And if I go and verify it for you and you happen to be wrong are YOU going to apologize to them for the fucking humiliation? 

I didn't say that. I am ashamed of myself for that.

I both credit and blame my upbringing for that. It just never occurs to me to care about what gender you are or where you pee.

You are a human being and that accords you dignity and respect enough to not question where you pee, who you love, where you choose to live, or any other thing I take for granted.

Titty sprinkles.

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