Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I will not quit this game

I poured a half a cup of coffee this morning. Not on purpose. It's just that kind of morning.

I once told Ben Marwood all the best songs have already been written. When I said it, I was thinking of his song writing and this song in particular:

If you didn't push play, you don't get to read the rest of this.

There are days when that song is my anthem. There are days when it is my lifeline. There are days when I give that song to someone I love and worry about.

That's some powerful music, yo.

It's not even my favorite Marwood song. He's that fucking good a song writer.

Today is the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. D-Day.

There'a s not so great joke floating around the internet about thanking America for keeping us Nazi free for 70 years. It was nice while it lasted.

Thing is, evil is a fucking virus and viruses don't die. They just wait til conditions are right for them to bloom again.

America made the conditions right again.

Good job, America. You fucking idiots.

Fuck this, I'm cranking some more Marwood.

Titty sprinkles!

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