Thursday, June 1, 2017

I have one of their albums. I have all of their albums.

Back in the mid 90s there was a band that would come on the radio that would cause my buddy Matt to say, hey Rudy, who sounds more like the Beatles? Oasis or the Beatles? He usually would have a big fucking grin and give me that look that told me he knows I know the answer but he wants to hear me say it. When I would shake my head and chuckle he would answer for me: OASIS! 

And he'd laugh and I would hate myself for loving this fucking cliche of a band.

For me, Oasis was hope. They demonstrated to me that talent could be an afterthought and if you were willing to commit to ripping off paying homage to another band's sound the world could be your oyster. I was in a shitty band, they were a shitty band so, why not?

I bought (What's the Story) Morning Glory (already owned Definitely Maybe) just before shipping off to Germany from whence I would then travel into Bosnia. I needed a soundtrack for the adventure and a modestly talented band with a hedonistic frontman seemed like the sensible choice.

Morning Glory was the soundtrack of that deployment.

Debauched nights, love making on abandoned WWII runways, a Hungarian redhead, ogling pretty girls with a Russian soldier while smoking horrible rusky cigarettes, playing guitar while drinking shitty near-beer and smoking real Cuban cigars. Oasis takes me back to all of it and I smile.

I couldn't really tell either of the two records apart, but that didn't matter. It was like one, great album of cool covers. That's what made Oasis so comfortable to me: they sounded just like something I already knew and loved.

A few years later I would be out of the military and home in California buying their two follow-ups to Morning Glory. I kept having to check to make sure the right disc was in the player. Nope, it's not Morning Glory, it just sounds like it.

I ended up giving away Be Here Now and Standing On the Shoulders of Giants.

Aside - I always thought Standing On the Shoulders title was either a clever bit of cuntery or a testament to their fucking oblivion considering how they treated once massive bands like INXS.

After that I gave up on them. They were like an old party buddy that never grew up, never got interesting and always looks back instead of forward.

Titty sprinkles!

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