Friday, June 9, 2017

I do so love an adventure

The UK voted and Comey testified yesterday.

Apparently, things did not go as Theresa May had hoped.

I suspect Comey's testimony will change nothing.

Operation Slimdown 2017 began yesterday. I finally discovered what a hamstring is. I also discovered that I spent an inordinate amount of time at the library squatting. I may have scared some small children with my groans and occasional screams.

June 1 marked the one year countdown to TGB's retirement from the Air Force. Yesterday she came to the libary to tell me that she was asked to interview for a job that, should she be hired and accept it, would postpone that  retirement and move us from the beach to DC.

I am not surprised that anyone would seek her out for a position, she's pretty remarkable.

And if we end up moving to DC we have a few friends in the area, there are tons of places to see live music and airports for to take me away from there when it gets to being too much.

Plus, I can drive a boat on the Potomac, right?

Should it fall through, our consolation prize would be a beachfront retirement.

Sucks, I know.

The thing about being a veteran and being married to a career military person is that this kind of shit doesn't phase me. It's part of the deal, you know? At worst, you adapt and overcome. At best, you get to go on a cool new adventure.

All I know is she wants this so I want it for her.

This loving a badass woman is not that difficult, guys.

Titty sprinkles!

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