Saturday, June 24, 2017

Become a rock star and they give them to you for free

Listening to Barnaked Ladies thinking, drugs are a hell of a thing.

The band is less because of drugs. That fucking sucks.

I know my wife is racist because she has all the Dixie Chicks albums.

That's a call back to a solid Daniel Tosh joke.

I raided the library's CD collection yesterday. Old stuff I either used to have or wish I had. The bosslady looked confused when she perused my selection.

Ooh, Ella Fitzgerald. Van Halen? Cool. Alison Krause, Prince, Liz Phair... interesting. 

I don't get hung up on genre.

Unless I'm busting someone's balls about their shitty taste in music.

Country music, Charlie? Seriously?

Now I have to rip all this shit onto my phone so I can crank it and dance on the boat today.

Yes, I dance on the boat.

I think I look like someone who should have been on Fame.

Boat riders worry that I am having a seizure.


I got moves, yo.

Titty sprinkles!

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