Friday, June 30, 2017

All y'alls moded

I think I want French Toast this morning.

P Control cranked to 11.

Yesterday was a fucking day for the history books. We had a dipshit in the White House tweeting out some misogynist bullshit to a woman reporter and the NRA sending out a video about guns and freedom or some shit. I do like that they used a woman who is kinda tan. Deep diversity pool there, NRA.

I dunno. It seems to me that every day all the legitimate arguments for why we the people fucktarded elected #45 fall by the wayside and all the real reasons rise a little closer to the top. We're a hateful country and hateful motherfuckers put the king of hate at the top of our country.

And I have no idea why the NRA has it in their heads that liberals do not exercise our 2A rights every bit as vociferously as the right. It's just not the only amendment that matters to us. Dumbasses.

Enough fucking politics.

Which is to say, I have to end this post because all I can think about this morning is what a bunch of fucking morons we are to have let it get this far.

Titty fucking sprinkles

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