Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A post in which I advocate stealing a child

Another mass shooting in Orlando yesterday.

Tomorrow is a big day; The UK votes and Comey testifies.

The sky is dark over the sea and there is a sound of thunder in the distance.

Louisiana is already more underwater than at any point in its history thanks to climate change.

I figure in a few years we'll have beach front property and can sell at a killing.

The new owners can drown in the gulf a few years later for all I care.

Wonder Woman is fucking amazing. Go see it. Take your little girl, your niece, steal a rando little girl at WalMart and take her to see it.

I have an email sitting in my inbox I am petrified to read. It's been there for three days now.

There's a guy who comes into the libary every week who looks just like Jeremy Corbyn.

I am fat and can no longer pull myself up onto the boat without a ladder or assistance.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym with an 18 year old twig who runs and bikes allthegoddamntime because I am an idiot.

A fat idiot.

I have vomited enough words for your morning deuce.

Titty sprinkles!

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