Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ummm.... words or whatever

It's raining. That means there's likely no boat rides today. So I will sip my coffee and enjoy some quiet this morning.

I was tempted to write another post about Jason Isbell just to do it. I actually considered writing about Isbell for a month or so just to make a point.

The point? That this is my blog and I'll write about whatever the fuck I want and if one of the seven of you doesn't like it that's more than okay with me.

But then I remembered that I don't really want to write about Isbell for a month or so.

I think we need to start taxing the church. If our tax dollars are going to go to religious schools then it seems only fair. In fact, tax them like we tax any other vice.

Like any vice, whatever good feelings the church brings they couple it with far more damage so, it seems fair to tax them just as voraciously as say cigarettes.

Think of the brilliant campaign the tobacco industry could run if we taxed the church.

Cigarettes, sure we're bad for you, but at least we're not the church. 

I dunno where this is coming from. I need coffee.

Cigarettes, we love the gays and we'll never try to rape your kid. 

Wow. I mean, it's spot on, but still.

Cigarettes, put us in your mouth, ladies. Or don't. We won't make that choice for you.

See, this is why I should be on the boat this morning.

Titty sprinkles!

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