Friday, May 5, 2017

Now I just want more cake

My boss at the libary is an adorable little white woman from Meeshigan. In another life, she was a Spanish professor at That School Up North.

Suffice to say, her Spanish is pretty fucking impressive and she takes pride in out-Mexicaning the Mexican-American.

For yesterday's story time theme she decided on Let's Visit Mexico!

I got to the libary and there was a big Mexican flag hanging on display, assorted Mexican decorations and some delicious tres leches cake.

All the stories included some Spanish words and Mexican history. Afterwards, the kids made maracas.

When it was all done, I folded up the flag and asked her where she wanted it.

On my desk. It's my flag. 

Of course it is.

I put it on her desk and as she came back to it I thanked her for ... all of it.

After the election I wouldn't have expected something like this.

That's why I did it. 

She may or may not have then leaned in and whispered, fuck Trump!

Titty sprinkles!

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