Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No sprinkles today

I find The Little Prince comforting even in the worst of times.

My heart is heavy for Manchester and this came to mind when the news began coming in.

It used to just remind me of the people I have loved in this life and then lost.

But I realized somewhere along the way that everyone is someone's person.

I've loved reading the stories of the helpers. People giving a place a to stay, a place to eat, a ride to complete strangers afterwards.

Again, I refuse to blame an entirety of people who worship a certain way for the acts of a few who fly the same banner have commandeered that faith for nefarious means.

That would be like me blaming all white people for the few acts of racism I've had to endure in my life. I've never considered doing that either.

Mostly, I am resolved to go to more concerts and hug more strangers than I was yesterday at this time.

Also, this whole thing is turning me into an Ariana Grande fan. So suck on that, terrorists!

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