Friday, May 19, 2017

If I wanted to, I could write a post about each song on that record

After yesterday's post went up I saw that Isbell has a new song.  That is purely coincidental, but it really did take the sting off of the otherwise melancholy feel of the day.

I noticed I was coming off of my London high yesterday.  It could also be jet-lag.

There were so many moments on that trip when I wanted time to slow waaayyyy down.

You know the kind of moments I mean. Your favorite singer plays that one song you thought she'd never play live and it hits you in a place you never thought anyone would reach. That person you love more than most does something that makes you fall in love all over again, laugh, swipe that strand of her hair behind her ear, look at you and smile just so.

More than once I was in a room filled with wonderful people.

Other times I was with TGB and maybe one or two others. And that was enough to fill a place with love and magic.

There was even genuine sadness. The kind of sadness that sucks while simultaneously reminding me how lucky I am to have this sadness in the first place.

Frank sang Magi and my brain went back to a boat and a little English chick I love so much. I leaned in and listened. And cried a little. I missed you, Charlie.

I've been listening to Southeastern on a loop since yesterday.

Titty sprinkles!

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