Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I don't even remember what I just wrote

So, of the three things I said I was going to write last week I got one completed.

In baseball parlance, that is Hall-Of-Fucking-Fame worthy.

Baseball is lame.

I am listening to Dean Martin which always makes me think of Back To School

My mind is not required to make sense to you!

I want Sally Yates to whisper legalese in my ear. Maybe some Latin.

I bet you Ted Cruz faps to her spanking his ass (figuratively) during the Congressional hearing.

Never trifle with a woman who is tired of you and has had a lifetime of having to explain shit to stupid men.

I had to turn off Dean Martin. I just... no.

I am instituting a two song limit on my Dean Martin listening.

This is my last new post until I return from London in a week.

Feel free to break into our home.

But you should be warned: Florida is a stand your ground state and in your home you need even less provocation. Also, we have a Security Forces Airman house sitting.

She is well armed.

And she has Lucy Liu backing her up. Lucy fucking loves that girl. When she loves someone she eats your face if you fuck with the one she loves.

You've been warned.

Titty sprinkles!

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