Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I didn't feel like writing this morning

It's pouring down rain this morning.

I suspect Dexter is shivering in his kennel like a sissy la la.

He'll attack a bear, but heaven forbid it get a little windy and rainy outside.

Weird. In the time I wrote the above three sentences the wind died, the rain stopped and the ocean went flat.

If I get whisked off to Oz I promise to punch a flying monkey.

I got sidetracked by Kate Mara and now I can't see because she brought some invisible onion chopping ninjas with her. I don't usually care about dog movies, but I want to see that one.

Holy shit, the sky is blue and it is raining again. #Floridia

It looks nice outside. Which means it's hotter and stickier than satan's taint.

Never visit Floridia in the summer. It's unbearably hot and sticky and the bugs will eat you alive. And the ones that don't eat you will fuck right on your face. They call them love bugs but they're really fucking fuckface bugs because that is what they do: they fuck on your face.

In case you've forgotten, #45 is still a fucking moron.

Titty sprinkles!

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