Saturday, May 6, 2017

I am annoying and annoyed

I woke up with a headache (allergies).

Also, woke up with a smile when I reached over and felt her there for the first time in a week.

I have a date with a friend in London to marvel at the our women's excellence.

The American in me is all, I am so going to fucking win this! 

The husband in me knows I already won. And so did he.

Jesus, I am fucking annoying.

Watched American Gods last night.

Umm, great writing. Great acting. A little gory. A little weird. All things I like.

The funeral/graveside scene, though... can we fucking stop with the botoxing? Seriously, her face... I actually looked away because the of the grotesque result of trying to emote while having a physically dead face.

Fucking horrible visually.

Hollywood, please stop fucking encouraging our women to kill their fucking faces with that shit.

Facial expressions are a good thing.


Titty sprinkles!

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