Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dear rock stars, be more Isbell.

I suppose you want me to catch you up on all the fun that was London.

It was a great fucking time.

All caught up.

Chris Cornell died. I love his voice. That we still have. I'm sorry for his family, though.

When a musician dies I always think about my friends who make music and get a little scared for them.

Not exactly the healthiest lifestyle, you know?

Then I think about Jason Isbell. He got sober and fixed his life.

I don't know what killed Cornell. It's not any of my, or your business.

I just know that being a rockstar can lead to a rockstar lifestyle and sobriety can save that life.

I am going to post my favorite Chris Cornell song at the end of this, but I put on Southeastern as soon as I read he died.

At the end of the first night in London a friend wondered aloud to me, it must be really hard on nights like tonight where everyone is drunk. 

I looked around and breathed it all in.

Not even a little. 

I know if I was drinking I would likely be the one ruining an amazing night. The kind of night you want time to stop for just a little while longer.

No, Craig, nights like tonight make me so fucking happy not to drink so I won't miss a fucking moment of it. Is what I wish I'd said.

TGB's tattoo artist is a Cornell fan. We commiserated over our love of that fucking voice while he was working on her back piece. The next time we came in he handed me a bootleg of a Swedish concert Cornell did.

We will always have the music.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript - I am not pretending to know what killed CC. It's just that my mind goes to things like OD and addiction whenever someone in his position dies prematurely. It was more a train of thought post than an actual thought piece on the actual events of his life/death.

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