Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still alive...

Day three without my wife is a bit of a challenge. I had to make my own coffee.

Though the struggle be real, I shall survive.

Another unarmed black kid was killed by a cop.

I had to turn my FB notifications off on this computer. I'm sitting here typing then I'm all... SQUIRREL!

The WGA is on strike so I promise not to shop the screenplays I've started but will never finish to any potential buyers til the strike ends.

I am very pro-union.

That said, I will film all my flicks in Poland or someplace where I can get cheap labor. I figure if my screenplays suck I can blame it on the accents and cheap sets. (No, not really)

Honestly, in my dream scenario all the things I create would be made with friends.

Remember my friend Terry? I've talked about him a few times. Anyway, he once told me a story about showing a house (he was a realtor) to someone famous. Peter O'Toole I think. Just before Mr. O'Toole was set to arrive, Terry was struck by the worst case of the shits. Long story short, house on Pebble Beach, no TP, clogged toilet, pending celebrity arrival.

He relayed his story to me with the duty that I write a short screenplay for a YouTube video.

It was the first attempt at any sort of screenplay for me. Being the Chaplin fan that I am, a silent film version made the most sense.

I wrote it (yes, I actually finished it, Katee and Charlie, and Charlie) and we laughed our asses off at it. We made loose plans to film it in a day the next time I was in California.

Then he died.

It never got made. It's not difficult to imagine just how much fucking fun that would have been to create with him.

Annabeth Gish was in Beautiful Girls. That popped into my head last night as I saw her in something else. Mostly because I always like her in whatever I happen to see her in. But Beautiful Girls made me think of Ted Demme and all that he did before he died at, what? 43?

Just googled, he was 39 when he died.

Yeah, I have shit to do.

Titty sprinkles!

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