Friday, April 28, 2017

What the actual Eff, brain?

I just found out for the 87th time that I am losing TGB for a week. She is going to Wyoming. First she was going, then she wasn't, then she wasn't sure, then she wasn't, then... she's fucking going.

So she is getting an all expenses paid trip to Wyoming.

I chuckled as I wrote that.

My whole family has been there but me so I picked it.

I've been to Wyoming a lot. It's flat. And cold.

Like Jason's mom.

I love you, Jason.

I also love you, Jason's mom.

Please don't shoot me.

Jason started it.

And when he asked me to stop, I did.

Then he started again.

He was raised wrong.

You should take him to Wyoming.

And leave him there.


Titty sprinkles!

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