Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This chick, yeah, she's a badass

I have a new crush. Her name is Angaleena Presley. I blame Charlie.

I watched a live broadcast of an Angaleena concert because I am a firm believer in supporting my friends' endeavors.

Charlie left a life behind and decided to pursue a life in music management. While I have cheered from my cozy, comfy beachside seat, she has made it happen.

So, I decided the very least I could do is check out this Angaleena chick.

I set a reminder so as to not miss it.

Then, a couple of days or so prior, I come home and hear music I had never heard before.

What am I listening to?

Angaleena Presley.


Yep. This is the new album. 

This is really fucking good. 

I KNOW! This is my second time through listening to it. 

I  sat down and just listened.

That has not happened to me since the first time I heard Southeastern.

So I expected a good show.

I ended up absolutely smitten and pretty much blown away by the sheer badassery.

A woman who is whip smart, can write the fuck out of a song, cusses like a sailor, and takes zero shits from anyone is my kind of woman.

I expected something good. Something that would impress me and glad for Charlie.

I did not expect to steal the record from my wife so I could crank it on my way to work this morning. But you can bet your dick that is exactly what I am doing.

I did not expect to go down the Angaleena Presley rabbit hole. But I have a pot of coffee by my side for just that sort of adventure.

Do yourself a favor and click play.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript - if I didn't genuinely like Angaleena's music, despite how much I love Charlie, I would have written a post about my boner this morning. I already had it typed out. #truestory.

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