Something about a song

I don't usually care for spam email, but every once in awhile I get something from Camden Market and it makes me smile. I will be back in London in a month. That also makes me smile.

I've been playing Journey Of The Magi on a loop on my drive into the library this week. I don't know why that song at this particular time, I just know something in me wants to hear it. Over and over and fucking over again. Even I'm annoyed by it.

You ever do that? Find yourself wanting to hear a particular song on repeat? A song you've heard a million times before, but suddenly you hear it all over again for the first time. Maybe it meant something to you at one time, now it suddenly means something else, something more. Like you've been looking at a part of a painting, but you've taken a few steps back and realize you've miss so fucking much of it.

Magi reminds me of Girl Charlie. I'd heard it countless times. It was usually one of the rare Frank songs I would skip over when it began. The first time I ever heard it was on the back of a boat on the last night of a cruise. Frank was doing a teeny-tiny show and taking requests. Magi was hers. I heard the words through her; filtered through the story of Charlie as told by her to me.

I miss my friend, but that's not why I've been playing it on a loop.

This is where you think, okay, so tell us why you're playing it on a loop suddenly again.

I don't know.

That's the damnable thing about it. I crank it to 11 on the drive in, the words wash over me, I am transported to the hot desert sands for a moment, and then, I play it again.


Titty sprinkles!


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