Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It really is all you need

As much as I love the The Little Prince, I find myself dreading tonight's reading.

I think it was the crying part that makes me dread it.

I think tonight I will eliminate that possibility by reading it naked.

You're welcome, America.

Last night we watched Loving. It's hard to be objective because I have loved the story of the two people who made interracial marriage - like my marriage - the law of the land for a very long time.

With that in mind I say this about Loving: it was a beautifully understated movie. Much as I suspect the Lovings themselves were, actually.

Ruth Negga is sublime. It's her eyes. Her eyes convey with a look what a thousand and one words would fail to express.

I would recommend watching The Loving Story if you are unfamiliar with the role the Lovings played in American history.

Then watch Loving the movie.

And always remember that love is love.

Titty Sprinkles!

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