Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I was cranky then I found this video and now I am happy

Not every word play is a pun. A lot of people seem confused about that.

It used to be fun to get punned by people who know I hate them. Now everyone does it.

And it's everyfuckingpuntheyfindontheinternet. With zero attention paid to whether it's been posted to my wall a time or three already.

Seriously, it takes minimal effort to click my page and scroll down a bit to see if you're being redundant.

If I have to read the stupid shit you post you can at least take four seconds to click and scroll beforehand, dipshit.

So if you are going to pun, step your fucking game up and pay attention to how the game is being played.

Casual-dehyde, that shit was funny.

Now go fuck off this fine Tuesday morning. It's gorgeous outside for fuck sake!

Well, maybe not where you live, but you should fucking move someplace nicer anyway.

Titty sprinkles!

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