Thursday, April 27, 2017

I could see the city lights

I screwed up my iTunes and have to go back and reinstall all my music.

Long story short: over the course of the last year I created so many fucking duplicates I finally deleted everything and started over last night.

I love me some Frank Turner but, for fuck sake, I do not need six copies of England Keep My Bones on my computer.

Three, maybe four at most.

The cool thing about all of this mess is that I am rediscovering music I forgot I have (and for some reason never loaded into iTunes).

How I don't own the first Garbage album is beyond my ability to comprehend. I own literally everything else they have ever done and have owned their first one a few time but, not now. I have to change that.

I blame Shirley Manson for my love of women who take zero shits from anyone.

Speaking of women, I have always had a hate/hate relationship with Mother's Day and it is just around the corner.

It's no secret mom wasn't a part of much of my life before dad died.

When I was really little M day was a reminder that I was a worthless piece of shit because, obviously, if my own mother didn't want me I must be.

At some point I realized my dad was hauling the load for both parental slots. He did a fucking amazing job of it. So, I turned M day into a reason to celebrate him.

If he did the job of two parental units, he got two fucking holidays.

Between you and me, he deserved 366 holidays a year.

But since he died mom has made an effort to, I dunno, be somewhere in my life. And I have to do a thing on M day because it's expected and would be bad form if I don't or some shit.

I'll send her flowers.

I'll think about my old man.

Life is not some neat, pretty thing all the time.

Titty sprinkles!

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