Saturday, April 8, 2017

Damn the man

I was watching 13 Reasons Why last night and there was a scene where the two of them are sitting atop a movie theater watching the moon. I thought to myself, that looks a lot like the Empire Records movie set. Hmmm, isn't Rex Manning Day coming up?

Yes, boys and girls, Rex Manning Day was indeed coming up and today it has arrived.

Happy Rex Manning Day!

There is a record store about an hour and a half from here that is hiring. I am disappointed that they are so far away. Then I remembered I have driven twice as far on the daily for a job and caught myself seriously considering it.

Robin Tunney is fucking gorgeous when she doesn't hide all those freckles. Stop hiding them, please.

I honestly thought Kendall Jenner was some backup scrub player in the NBA.

Today begins another season of driving a boat on the weekends. And getting paid for it.

Fuck yeah.

PS I'm only through episode four of 13 so shut the fuck up.

Titty sprinkles!

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