Friday, March 24, 2017

The waters would know me

I went to the beach last evening. While there I called my grandmother back as I had promised to earlier that morning when she called.

What's that sound?

That's the waves and the wind. I'm at the beach.

Aye, mijo, you've always loved the beach. You always used to tell me, 'c'mon gramma, let's go to the beach!'

I did.

That's why I took you to Hawaii when you were little. 

I remember. I loved that trip.

And all the girls loved you. 

I was a charming 8 year old.

Thank you for taking me, Grandma.

It was fun mijito. You woke me up every morning, 'gramma, let's go to the beach!'

I knew that's where the girls were.

Aye, malcriado. You always liked girls, too. But the beach never got you in trouble like the girls did, mijo. 


Okay mijo, I'm glad you're happy. Give Samantha my love.

Okay gramma. I love you. 

Titty sprinkles!

What, mijo?

Oh, sorry gramma, that wasn't for you. 

Titty sprinkles!

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