Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Never said 'yes' to the right guy

Mister, why is the little dog always licking his thingy?

Because he can, Lucy, because he can.

I have to work at the libary today then head to Tallahassee tonight. Then, onto Miami for a couple days, then... a boat.

You can try to break in. I won't warn you that we have a Security Forces girl house sitting. Or that she's better with multiple firearms than you. Or that our bully loves the fuck out of her and would eat your face if you look at her the wrong way.

Someone is reading this thinking, pfft, a girl? I can take a girl.

That someone has a small penis.

I have a small penis but, I am not thinking that.

I am obsessed with my friends ass dance. Her ass literally dances. No, I won't show you.

Oh, it's that time of year where I redesign this space. I do it after every Salty Dog Cruise.

So enjoy Bobby Banjo for another week or so.

Titty sprinkles!

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