Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maggie, you're just not enough for me to stay

5:17 PM Central Standard Time.

Me: Can I go to bed?
TGB: No.

6:34 PM Central Standard Time

Me: Can I go to bed now?
TGB: No.

7:14 Central Standard Time

Me: Now?
TGB: No. I am about to start The Walking Dead.
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty much over that shit show. Especially after watching Train To Busan.
TGB: It's a Maggie-centric episode. You love Maggie.
Me: *singing* oh Maggie, don't you cry for me... 

7:53 Central Standard Time

I wake up on the couch to loud commercials as TGB let's them play while she fixes another drink. I fucking hate that commercials are louder than the fucking shows. I thought the FCC put stop to that. No Rudy, #45 put a stop to the FCC. She comes back and forwards through the commercials. I see Maggie's face and drift back to sleep.

8:11 Central Standard Time

Wake up to see Rosita talking about whatever. I watch the last five minutes or so of The Walking Dead ending with an arrow gun pointed at Rosita's head knowing full well we won't get back to this next week. The fucking show has become too convoluted.

Me: Can I go to bed now?
TGB: It's 8:17 on a Tuesday, old man.
Me: I'm taking the dogs out and going to bed.

I took the dogs out and went to bed.

The Walking Dead has jumped the shark.

Titty sprinkles!

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