Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life is a collection of moments

I watched a movie as I drifted off to sleep last night.

I watched it because I have loved Anton Yelchin since I first discovered him in Hearts In Atlantis. There was always an earnestness to his acting, much like there is to Ben Marwood's voice.

That may not make sense to you but, it does to me. Each of them always has me leaning in to listen or watch.

Anyway, when I read Olivia Thirlby's name in the credits I didn't hesitate to push play. I will never not watch it if I see her name.

The movie made me think about a friend of mine who likes a girl.

He's a cool guy - a genuinely good guy.

She's an awesome chick. A bit shy, but she seems to have found herself lately.

I cannot say whether they will work, or whether she'll even say yes.

I can say I remember that unknown feeling of will she say yes fondly.

Even though she usually said no. Most of them do.

It was the anticipation that was sometimes the best thing. Sometimes even after they'd said yes.

They say you never know you're alive more than when you're scared. Any boy who has ever asked out any girl for the first time has never felt more alive in his life.

Any boy who has ever been shot down by that girl, that one that makes him look forward to gym class or the bus stop or those few seconds in the break room every afternoon, has never felt more alive while wishing he wasn't.

I hope he asks her out. I hope he relishes the moments before and after. I hope one day he looks back and remembers how it made him feel and he smiles because, for that moment, he was acutely aware of how alive he was.

Titty sprinkles!

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