I'm not awake yet

I am still groggy from too many dreams last night.

I dream in movies. There is a beginning, an arc, and an end. Unfortunately, the three parts are usually parts of other dreams so the beginning's arc will be in a dream I have next week and the end was from a dream I started two months ago.

My friend Kevin showed up in one of them. We chatted until I remembered he is dead. I reminded him of this fact and he tried to change the subject. I asked him if I was dreaming again and he told me that was a stupid question. He went to get my order and never came back. Kevin is a shitty waiter.

There was something else I dreamt but now forget. I woke up thinking, I should write this down. I did not write it down. That happens a lot.

Aside: I promise to get you pages, Boy Charlie.

This is the point in the post where I start to think, is it too early to end this shit? People read this now and I feel obligated. 

Yeah, but I started this thing as nothing more than an exercise in writing, it was never meant to be good. 

I know, but now I get people responding and emailing me their favorite bits or their reactions. 

Are any of those people people you sleep with? 

No, she never reads this. She says her work computer won't let her.

She's a fucking liar. 


It's a good thing she lets you touch her butt. 

Titty sprinkles!


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