Wednesday, March 1, 2017

But I like to dream

Found a 1941 penny the other day. It's now under the glass of my desk.

I sneezed at 3 AM and, somehow, bruised my sternum. It hurts to take too deep a breath.

Ash Wednesday always reminds me how glad I am to no longer be Catholic.

#45 said some words bigly last night. My stupid friends are loving his tribute to the fallen Navy Seal. I'm just sitting here steaming from their dumbfuckery and #45's ineptitude getting the man killed.

I am going to steal my wife's The Attack CDs and blast them in Slagathor on the way to work.

Yes, my shitty old truck has a CD player. No, it does not have the ability to play from my iPod. Yes, I am aware they have adapters for that. My dumbass left mine in a California rental car.

Ouch, fucking, OUCH! I just tried to stretch.

Next week I will be in Miami. With some cool people. I am excited.

I've written you enough mindless shit for this morning.

Remember to wipe til the toilet paper is at least beige.

Titty sprinkles!

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