Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We constitute a community

Took a week off to visit Boston. I love that city.

I kept thinking, Charlie should be here. She's the biggest reason we're here. 

Then Michelle showed up and I realized that Charlie's absence left room for someone new. And my heart grew to make room. Now I miss Michelle. It sucks because, well, missing someone is sucky. It's awesome because Michelle is so embedded in my heart that she is worth missing.

Also, I decided I do not want the number of Frank shows I go to without Charlie  to ever eclipse the number of shows I go to with her.

And Michelle has to come with us whenever we go to Boston.

There were so many things I loved about this trip. The time spent with old friends. Making awesome new friends.

So. Much. Fucking. Music.

The history of my country's birth all around me. I got choked up more than a few times at that.

There was also this sense of holy fuck, I need this more than I realized.

I was covered in sticky concert sweat. There were a few thousand of my closest friends all around me. There was a kiss on Kevin's lips and hugs from strangers.

And for a moment I was able to think, okay, we got this. All of the noise in my head from the last month, the anger at the orange fuckhead, the frustration that so many rights hard fought were now at risk, the sadness of my nation's cowardice causing us to turn away people at our doorstep... was taken off my shoulders and shared.

Maybe punk rock won't save the world. But it is going to provide one hell of a soundtrack when we save it our goddamn selves.

Punk rock does more to bring people together than any religion ever has. I believe that completely.

Titty sprinkles!

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