Monday, February 6, 2017

There was a sports thing last night

My favorite joke of the night: Congrats to the Atlanta Falcons on not having to visit the White House/#45. So many people made the joke that I can't credit just one person.

Here's a couple of 'em

So that game last night... it was alright, right?

Holy shitballs, that was fun.

My buddy, let's call him Kraig (not his real name), left in the third quarter when it seemed the Pats were going to lose bigly. Then it got good.

I'm not sayin' Kraig had anything to do with it, I'm just sayin'...

Normally I don't give a shit about the commercials. I've gone to Superb Owl parties that were centered around the game. People would actually ignore the fucking game and shut the hell up during the commercials. Commie bastards.

Anyway, I'd read some shit about #45 supporters whining about ads dumping on their guy and they were going to boycott the SB as a result. As I watched I realized that the people boycotting because of these ads are lacking not only empathy, but general human decency. So fuck those fuckers anyway.

Well 49ers fans, your new head coach is a guy who had a team up 28-3, averaging almost SIX YARDS per carry who decided to stop running the ball after having that ginormous lead because, I have no fucking clue. Or maybe, he has no fucking clue. Dumbass.

I watched the game wanting The New England Trumpsters to win just to make Goodell uncomfortable. I would have been just as happy had the Falcons won. Mostly, I wanted a good game. I was not disappointed.

I think next season will be a lot more fun as a fan free agent.

But still, the best part for me was Lady Fucking Ga Ga. Holy shitballs, Batman!

I just watched that all again.

Titty sprinkles!

Go click the Lady Ga Ga link. It won't let me embed. But it's pretty fucking cool. Watch it again. Go on!

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