Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Goddammit, Richard

I don't like people calling #45 cheeto.

I like cheetos. They're delicious and serve a purpose. Don't piss all over them (swidt?) by equating them with a man who is neither.

I don't like people equating him with poop. Poop fertilizes the ground upon which it lays.

What I am saying is, he makes it difficult to even insult him sometimes.

Also, I need coffee. I am way too cranky to be clackity-clack-clacking on a keyboard when I haven't had coffee.

I read about the dipshits who shot each other while hunting then tried blaming Mexicans.

In the same day I read about the Mexican kid, who was in Mexico, who was shot and killed by the American border guard who was in America. He shot the kid because the kid was taunting him.

Maybe Americans should be banned from owning guns and/or badges until they've been extremely vetted and we know they aren't a threat.

Maybe Americans should stop blaming Mexicans for all the stupid shit Americans do.

Titty sprinkles!

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