Saturday, February 4, 2017

أنا بولينغ غرين

I have been listening to Pyromania the last three days almost exclusively.

I say almost because TGB played me very cool song yesterday that I love from some guy I am going to see at some point with her. She told me when, but I have leaky earholes.

The other night as I was doing something and Pyro I said, without thinking, he was a much better drummer with two arms.

I do not disappoint my wife often (anymore), but that did.

I've actually been to Bowling Green. They will rebuild.

Seriously though, how stupid are we as a country? Never mind, we can't even spell rhetorical.

I am going fishing today.

Then I am marrying a couple on the beach. #ordainedasfuck

May! I am going to see the dude in May! See honey, I do listen! 

Titty sprinkles!

I really, really love this song...

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